CLAS Pages
CLAS Pages is a WordPress network of over 800 sites which consist of personal faculty sites and research projects. User authentication is handled by our institution’s ActiveDirectory. Switching to WordPress was a great move for our organization. Under the old system (plain HTML) we were spending a great deal of time trying to maintain only a few dozen sites. After the conversion we now have most users editing their sites directly.
Charlotte Teachers Institute
CTI is a community outreach organization hosted by our college. Their first website was managed using Joomla which met their technical needs but was too complicated for them to manage content on their own. Their site was converted to WordPress and we use a combination of custom themes and plugins to add the advanced functionality they require.
Goldsboro Elite Martial Arts
GBE is a small martial arts academy. Like many small business they can not afford dedicated technical staff or expensive professional hosting. WordPress allows them to manage content on their own, I only need to provide support if they have a technical problem.

Ruby on Rails

eRPT is a Rails application developed for managing the documents and workflow related to faculty reappointment, promotion and tenure. The software in almost entirely client managed, the only function that requires technical staff is added new users to the system (this is by design)
Charlotteteachers Online Application System
A web application which manages their organization’s application process for their yearly seminars. The application:
  • Collects information from program applicants
  • Request reviews of applicant info from the applicant’s work superior
  • Allow program volunteers to review and rate applications
  • Tracks accepted applicants as they participate in the program
  • Provides data output that can be loaded into the clients Access database for tracking program history.
Spivack Archive
The Spivack Archive is a searchable database of entries that concern the effects of school and classroom ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic (SES) composition on specific outcomes. Outcomes include educational achievement (with a special emphasis on mathematics and science outcomes), educational attainment, interracial friendships, intergroup relations, and adult life-course trajectories such as occupational attainment, the intergenerational perpetuation of racial stereotypes and fears, and social cohesion in democratic, ethnically and racially plural societies.

Other Projects

Fishy Pi
Fishy Pi is remote management software for aquaponic farming. Aquaponics is a method of agriculture that is more space and water efficient than traditional agriculture methods. It is used to raise food fish while growing vegetables or fruits.
Asus K55N: Cheap Gaming Laptop
The goal for this project is to upgrade my Asus K55N laptop for gaming. The K55N is based on the AMD APU system which uses a combined CPU and graphics card. These systems can be found for $200 to $300 used on ebay.