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Website Projects:
Images of Nature's Details
This site was designed for Greenville, NC nature photographer Edward T. Smith. It is based on PHP and CSS. It also features an integrated Coppermine photo gallery.
ECU Career Center Images of Nature's Details
Career Center Redesign (at East Carolina University)
Old SiteNew Site
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A proposed redesign of the Career Center's website in early 2007. The goal of the project was to improve navigational efficiency, reduce download times, and update the site for modern browsers. Unfortunately we were not able to implement this new design due to a new university policy requiring all websites on their domain to be managed using a proprietary Content Management System.
New ECU Career Center ECU Career Center
Career Center (at East Carolina University)
The Career Center assists and guides students and alumni in their career quest. I worked there as a secondary developer and maintenance programmer. The website is hard coded in ASP and uses an Access database for interactive elements such as scheduling systems, event calendars, and RSS feed generators.
ECU Career Center ECU Career Center
The East Carolinian (at East Carolina University)
This site was designed for a student run newspaper. The site was designed using PHP and Smarty and is managed via a third party content management system. The project was a total remake of the newspaper's online publication and took four months to complete.
ECU Student Newspaper ECU Student Newspaper
ECU-Japan League (at East Carolina University)
This site was made for the Asian film club. The site uses PHP and MySQL. It has a custom content management system which allows club officers with little or no HTML experience to update content. The website took a few weeks to produce.
ECUJapan League ECUJapan League
All about Japanese Animation. Site was retired in 2007 but it used to pay for my web hosting. Designed and maintained using Dreamweaver. Also uses some Perl.
PatternBlue Network PatternBlue Network
Nick's News
This small site was made to demonstrate the template and site management tools on Dreamweaver. It was made in one hour as a presentation for a Computer Science class.
Nick's News Nick's News
Software Projects:
Contact Information Management System
CIMS is a software project designed to help large organizations efficiently keep track of personal contact information for their members. The system serves as both as a contact directory (for names, phone number, email address, etc...) and as a mass mailing engine. CIMS is also designed to be user driven web application that requires little administration. This software has been developed using the Ruby on Rails open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. Rails is often utilized by web developers for its suitability for short, client-driven projects.
Artificial Neural Network Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Networks
An artificial neural network involves a network of simple processing elements (neurons) which can exhibit complex global behavior, determined by the connections between the processing elements and element parameters. Some tasks to which artificial neural networks are applied are:
  • Function approximation, or regression analysis, including time series prediction and modeling.
  • Classification, including pattern and sequence recognition, novelty detection, and sequential decision making.
  • Data processing, including filtering, clustering, blind signal separation and compression.
Artificial Neural Network Artificial Neural Network
Fuzzy Logic Systems
Fuzzy logic is used in system control and analysis design, because it shortens the time for engineering development and sometimes, in the case of highly complex systems, is the only way to solve the problem. There are hundreds of millions of dollars of successful, fuzzy logic based commercial products, everything from self-focusing cameras to washing machines that adjust themselves according to how dirty the clothes are, automobile engine controls, anti-lock braking systems, color film developing systems, subway control systems and computer programs trading successfully in the financial markets.
Fuzzy Control Hypersurface Fuzzy Control Hypersurface
Planning casual get togethers with friends is time consuming and complex. Having to call everyone to see what they are doing. Then call them again to propose a meeting location, and if just one person doesn't want to go to a certain place you need to start all over again with a new place. This system uses social-networking to help solve the problem.
GetTogether GetTogether
ECU Transit System
Our web software solves the problem of finding optimum routes on the ECU Student Transit system. Users enter a starting location, destination and the time at which the rider wants to use the bus system. Then our software calculates the fastest bus route (including line changes if necessary) and give this information back to the user.
ECU Transits ECU Transit
JS Collection Manager
This program helps the user keep track of whatever they like to collect. For instance, I collect science fiction TV shows. If I wanted to organize my collection of Babylon 5 tapes I would input the necessary data for Babylon 5 so that I would always know what episodes I have and what episodes I'm missing. When I add new tapes or if new Babylon 5 episodes are produced I can update the existing collection data.
JSCM Main Screen JSCM Main Screen
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